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A Tribute site for Pink Floyd

I became a Pink Floyd fan in 1979, as they released their album The Wall.
Shortly hereafter I had bought all their albums and ever since I have bought any new releases. But till this day it is still The Wall that's No.1.
I don't know how many times I've heard the album, and the movie I've seen ... yeah well quite a few times.
So one day it struck me, that it would be fun to paint it on an entire wall.
I've had The Wall painted on my bedroom wall twice,, and I've never grown tired of it.
I am aware that it is a bit.... shall we say alternative, but it's a hell lot better than Claude Monet !
  I have no experience in painting with a brush besides from this, but he who dares....
If you look really carefully at the photo at the top of this site, you can see that it says Gerald Scarfe down in the left corner. I have to realize that I am but a copist and the real genius is Scarfe.
This little fellow to the left, I am a bit proud to have copied so well. It's made after a barely 2 cm tall picture on the album sleeve. On my bedroom wall it was 40 cm tall.
The other paintings are from a book I've got about the movie The Wall or they're from the album cover.